Next Generation Genomics Facility

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Genomics studies are in a relatively slow pace in India due to the non-availability of genomics experts, trained personnel and dedicated service providers. By using NGS technology, there is a lot of potential to study India's varied national diversity. The Bangalore Biocluster launched the NGGF to provide genomics services to scientists, train researchers and also to work on national and international genome projects. NGGF has helped scientists across the campus and India to sequence genomes from a range of organisms as well as facilitate transcriptome analysis. At our facility, we have sequenced more than 80 different organisms comprising of more than 500 genomes from prokaryotes (bacteria and metagenomes) and eukaryotes (fungi, plants and animals), which are important to the Indian subcontinent. The services have been utilized by more than 45 organizations (both academia and industry), several peer-reviewed papers have been published using the facility and many genomes/transcriptomes have been deposited in NCBI.