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Image Analysis

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BioImage Analysis for Microscopy images [Fluorescent, Widefield, Confocal, Brightfield]

  • 2D/3D Image Quantification
  • Building customized workflow for image analysis using Fiji, CellProfiler, python scripts
  • Building basic to advanced macro using Fiji
  • Tracking
  • Automated pipeline development for High content screening (HCS) image data: Extracting image data [Using CellProfiler]
  • Extracting Single Cell data
  • Automated data analysis for exracted image data for HCS

Basic to Advanced Image Analysis training

  • Basic to advance Image analysis training
  • Hands-on training using Fiji, Cellprofiler
  • Basics of programming

Bioinformatics services (on demand)

  • Sequence and structural analysis [Modelling]
  • RNA seq analysis