Incubation at C-CAMP

A well-equipped laboratory space is crucial for any start-up to “get the ball rolling” from day one in terms of the research projects. The convenience of not having to set-up the lab would mean less time that the incubatees spend on administration and procurement and more time on their scientific studies. With an aim of enabling early start-ups with this “plug and play” feature, C-CAMP provides access to a fully equipped dedicated lab space, with small and large table top as well as high end equipment.

C-CAMP supports innovative start-up companies and scientific entrepreneurs in all sectors of life sciences through its high-end biology lab set-up. C-CAMP incubatees are currently working in the fields of drug discovery, molecular biology, transgenic model systems, biomaterials, synthetic biology, upstream & downstream processing, agricultural sciences, nutraceuticals etc.

C-CAMP has recently added to its capabilities to support innovators in the med-tech sector.  Please click here for more details on C-CAMP Med tech capabilities.






C-CAMP Incubatees


Infrastructure and Services

  • Dedicated lab space (~650 sq ft), open lab environment, for up to 6 scientists, equipped with all basic amenities at hand (water, gas, vacuum etc).
  • Fume hood/ laminar flow cabinet, work bench, water (tap, deionized and double distilled/filter purified) for experiments, dish washers, autoclaves, ventilated cabinet and office furniture; shared equipment, refrigerators, freezers etc.
  • Incubatees have the option of half a bench in wet lab with shared office space or a full bench in the wet lab with a dedicated office.
  • Utilities such as telephone, internet, printing, fax etc. is not be provided by C-CAMP.


Two-tier model:

Tier I: This includes wet lab and dry lab with access to table top instruments.

Tier II with Clean room access: The company has the option to go in with an exclusive clean room that would be charged separately.


C-CAMP's Plug & Play Model


Equipment Access:

Basic Equipment available at the facility

High-end Equipment available at the facility

Equipment available at the Clean rooms at C-CAMP 

Present Incubatees in C-CAMP

Sea6 Energy Pvt. Ltd.

A young bio-energy company started by a group of graduates from IIT-Madras working on developing end-to-end solution to replace the fossil fuels.Sea6 Energy is guiding its efforts towards low-cost, large scale cultivation of red seaweed on the  ocean and developing salt water based biotechnological processes to produce biofuels (ethanol, isobutanol etc.), agricultural biostimulant and phycocolloids from red seaweed. They are partly funded through the BIG as 'well as the BIPP Scheme from BIRAC and have been named the "Emerging Company of the Year" at Bangalore Bio, 2012.

Pandorum Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  

A young Bangalore based start-up working on development of 'programmable' materials/ devices based on bio-inspired modules for applications in healthcare.The company was founded by and is now headed by a couple of Indian Institute of Science graduates. After winning the first prize in the BEST Scheme, they applied for and were granted the BIG scheme funding for taking their idea forward. The material they are trying to develop as a part of the BIG project is a modular elastomeric hydrogel with important applications in drug delivery and wound management amongst others.

Theramyt Novobiologics Pvt. Ltd.

Started in 2013 and based in Bangalore, Theramyt Novobiologics Pvt Ltd is a biotech company focused on biologics and biobetters. As a part of their BIG-funded project, Theramyt is developing cell line platforms which used for production of functionally improved therapeutic antibodies.



Dr. Vinod Nayak

An individual academician from InStem, Dr. Vinod Nayak is incubating at C-CAMP and working on development of an efficient Yeast based system for membrane protein expression by designing a flexible suite of shuttle vectors with multiple promoters and affinity tags for expression and purification.



Dr. Yashoda Ghanekar

Dr. Yashoda Ghanekar is an individual academician from InStem incubated at C-CAMP. Her BIG-funded project involves establishment of invertebrate transgenic model systems through modification of lentiviral systems. The use of this technology to genetically manipulate invertebrates would make these model systems ideal for research and preliminary screenings in drug discovery and toxicology studies

Bugworks Research Pvt. Ltd.

A recent spin-off from Cellworks Research, Bugworks Research is a 4th Call BIG grantee and they are a drug discovery company that aims to discover novel treatment options for hospital acquired infections using a systems biology approach. Bugworks uses highly differentiated Systems Biology approaches to identify novel combinations that enhance the action of antibiotics and to discover novel mechanisms that target biofilms.



Dr. Praveen Vemula

Dr. Vemula is an individual academician from InStem incubated at C-CAMP. His BIG-funded project involves development of a prophylactic synthetic-enzymes for prevention of chronic pesticide exposure.

Biomoneta Research Pvt. Ltd.  

Also a spin-off from Cellworks Research, Biomoneta is now incubating at C-CAMP and working on exploitation of Keto-reductases for Green chemistry and amalgamates engineering principles with microbiology to tackle anti-microbial resistance.


Graduated Incubatees

Strand Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

C-CAMP was incubating this BIPP funded Strand life science project a year and half back. Strand Lifesciences focuses on data mining, predictive modeling, computational chemistry, software engineering, bioinformatics, and research biology to develop software and services for life sciences research. At C-CAMP a group from Strand worked on clinical genomics and hepatotoxicity prediction platforms.


Cellworks Research India Ltd.

The wet labs for Cellworks Research India Ltd was working at C-CAMP to validate the bacterial virtual platforms that aid therapeutic product design. Cellworks is a biopharmaceutical therapeutic design and development company based on platform predicting clinical outcomes. The project was focused on building the labs abilities to identify and grade chemically vulnerable targets for anti-infectives and develop mechanism-biased drug screening assays.


C-CAMP Incubatees Experience

Comments from Sea6 Energy Chairman Dr. Shrikumar Suryanarayanan  
“Sea6 Energy has benefited enormously by coming to C-CAMP. Almost all of  Sea6 Energy’s  current and future collaborators  (Novozymes, Cellworks, C-CAMP, some Engineering companies  and the University of Agricultural Sciences) are located in Bangalore and  if C-CAMP had not been up and running, it would have been a very difficult for us  to work efficiently  on these collaborations out of our original  labs at  IIT Madras.

What we really appreciate about C-CAMP is the high uptime of the instruments & equipment, the high quality of the infrastructure. This includes uninterruptible power, laboratory water, central lab services, core facilities, canteen and conference room services. ”



Comments from Cellworks Chairman & M.D Dr. Anand Anandkumar  –

“The progress that Cellworks has made in two areas, namely,  Green Chemistry and Anti-infectives, can be mapped to the footprint that we've created for ourselves at CCAMP.

Phenomenal lab infrastructure and an unprecedented (in India) eco-system of world class academicians and industry oriented researchers, sums the reasons for CCAMP to be such an unique platform. Cellworks appreciates the management style, which is very friendly to start-up growth and the vibrancy of the environment that fosters open collaboration.

Cellworks hopes to continue to grow its footprint within the CCAMP environment. Many thanks for all the wonderful work that management/staff of CCAMP do for its incubatees.”



Comments from Strand Life Sciences Senior Vice President - Business Operations, Dr. Thiru Reddy –

C-CAMP program has enabled us to just walk into a lab that was all set, focus our resources on the real biology of interest than to deal with building infrastructure. The ability to rent equipment and facilities is great value for research biology where the infrastructure costs are very daunting.”



Comments from Director, Pandorum Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Dr. Tuhin Bhowmick –


"Pandorum Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has found C-CAMP as the preferred choice of incubation center due to a number of reasons, namely:

•Convenient location: Situated within the Bangalore Bio-cluster (NCBS, InStem, C-CAMP), well connected to Indian Institute of Science, Raman research Institute, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research and other important hub points of Science and technology in the city.
 Access to various ‘state of the art’ facilities including genomics research, protein technology, mass spectroscopy, high-throughput screening, confocal imaging.
•The network and the guidance provided by the helpful staff at C-CAMP are important value additions to a start-up.

To sum up,  C-CAMP, the place and the people forms a perfect bridge between academia and industry, providing a comfortable ambiance for academicians like us, venturing into the entrepreneurial maze."


Contact us:

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