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Incubatees at TBI centre:

Dr. Anitha Peter

Dr. Anitha Peter is a faculty at GKVK and is working on Papaya ring spot virus which is a highly devastating virus on Papaya (Carica papaya L) which is an important fruit crop of tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Early detection of virus is important in developing disease-free planting material. In this project, she is interested in developing highly sensitive impedance base electrochemical biosensor like a glucose meter which will be useful for supplying disease free planting material and monitoring the orchard on a timely basis and harvesting maximum produce for richer profits. This is a platform technology as this product can be extended for detection of other plant, veterinary and clinically important pathogens and food toxins.


Dr. Mahesh

Dr. Mahesh H. B. is an individual entrepreneur who is interested in isolating secondary metabolites from Bacillus sp. With antimicrobial activity against plant pathogens. Bacillus has been reported to have high biocontrol activity. He aims at commercializing the potential Bacillus strains and characterize the active biocontrol molecule that is stable with respect to its efficacy, production and storage.