COVID-19 Response: Local Logistics     National Effort

COVID-19 Response: Local Logistics     National Effort

Listed below are the current Equipment available at the facility:

Mask Aligner
The SuSS MJB4 Mask Aligner is a precision instrument for high-resolution photolithography and is intended for use in research laboratories, small-series production and pilot projects.

Plasma Cleaner
Harrick Expanded Plasma Cleaner is used for removing all organic matter from the surface of an object through the use of an ionized gas called plasma. This is generally performed in a vacuum chamber utilizing oxygen or argon gas.

Spin Processing System
The Spin Coater is a device used to apply a film to a substrate. The system will rotate a substrate at various speeds while coating material is dispensed onto its surface. Rotation is continued while the fluid spins off the edges of the substrate, until the desired thickness of the film is achieved.

Surface Profiler
Bruker Dektak Surface Profiler features a revolutionary design that enables unmatched repeatability of 4Å and up to 40% improved scanning speeds.

Spin Coater
Designed for a variety of  photolithography chemicals, Suss Spin Coater provides uniform, precise and repeatable spin coating results on the wafer through its advanced process chamber design.

Fluorescence Microscope
This imaging microscope provides high contrast, brilliant images for cutting-edge biological research.

Confocal Microscope
It helps in increasing optical resolution and contrast of a micrograph by means of using a spatial pinhole to block out-of-focus light in image formation.

Cell Culture CO2 Incubator
A CO2 incubator is used to culture cells to provide it with the optimum temperature, moisture (sterile environment) and to maintain optimum pH.