Nucleic Acid Assembly, Vector, Cell, Methods and Kit thereof

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he Novel Technology:

A novel technology based on label free endocytic delivery of DNA sensors to map spatiotemporal dynamics of small diffusible molecules within living biological systems. These molecules would include, but are not limited to ions, chemical messengers, small organic molecules, second messengers, hormones, as well as metabolites, enzymes, neurotransmitters, proteins, cyclic nucleotides, lipids, phospholipases, biological cofactors, drugs, antibiotics, nucleic acids and their derivatives.
  • To act as a high precision chemical sensor
  • To act as an intracellular delivery agent
  • To act as In vivo targeting agent
  • To study dynamics of diffusible small molecules during cell function
  • To use as label-free technique for bioanalysis of specific DNA sequence
  • Construction of the sensor is easy, as one can just anneal two DNA strand to make a working sensor for any pathway whereas other method like BAC dextran which is a chloride sensor needs conjugation and purification to a number of ligands in order to study multiple pathways
  • As this technology use FRET/ratiometric fluorescence as a readout, one can engineer different FRET pair positioned in the different DNA strands to optimize sensitivity and efficiency which is not possible for protein based sensors such as EPAC where the positioning and orientation of fluorescent proteins are prefixed 
  • Superior to other methods as it can precisely localize functional DNA-nanostructures in cellulo and in vivo by simply incorporating an artificial DNA-protein pair of an 8 bp sequence and recombinant antibody
This method is generalizable to the chemical diversity of sensing of possible by both DNA and RNA scaffolds as aptamers are readily available against a wide variety of targets such as metabolites, drugs and their derivatives, amino acids, nucleotides and its derivatives, biological cofactors, antibiotics, vitamins, proteins, small peptides, toxins etc.
Business Model:
Early-stage technology with proof of concept showing the targeted delivery of nucleic acid-based pH sensor to map the endocytic pathway in HeLa cells.
Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Yamuna Krishnan, NCBS
Invention ID: CMP-014
IP Status: Patent Pending
Jurisdictions: India (IN), United States (US), Europe (EP)
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