A Process of Labelling Stem Cells and a Method of Tracking Thereof

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The Novel Technology: 

The novel technology relates to a method of labeling stem cells (using a fluorescent dye) for real-time in-vivo tracking of cells during and after cell transplantation that can be successfully employed in various pre-clinical and clinical applications.
  • To track cells in vivo during and after cell transplantation
  • To use in various basic research, clinical/pre-clinical applications
  • Robust & optimized protocol for ICG labeling of stem cells
  • Enables longer duration of tracking the labeled cells
  • Safe and non-cytotoxic labeling
  • Efficient tracking of transplanted cells
Business Model:
Proof-of-concept study on mice model demonstrated efficacy of cell tracking. Currently, undergoing trials under clinical settings to test efficacy of this technology. Looking for collaborative industrial partners for further development and commercialization of the technology.
Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Sanjay Kumar, CMC
Invention ID: CMP-034
IP Status: Patent Pending
Jurisdictions: India (IN)
For more details, please write to:
techtransfer @ ccamp.res.in