Store-operated Calcium Cellular Assay for Screening Molecules

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The Novel Technology:

The present technology provides a cell-based assay for identifying a compound that modulates store-operated, intracellular calcium levels in a cell using inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor (itpr) mutant cell lines which have abnormal levels of ionic calcium. 
  • To screen drugs which can alter intracellular calcium levels
  • To identify drugs that could be of therapeutic value in diseases such as Alzheimer's, Severe Combined Immuno Deficiency (SCID), Dariers’ Diseases (DAR), acute pancreatitis (AP), Spino-Cerebellar Ataxias (SCA) 
  • Rapid screen for potential drug candidates for therapeutic uses
  • Cells have modulated calcium ion release upon stimulation 
Business Model:
The technology is currently at an early stage with proof of concept demonstrated in a laboratory environment. Looking for potential licensee(s) for further development of the technology. 
Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Gaiti Hasan, NCBS
Invention ID: CMP-021
IP Status:  US Patent Granted
Jurisdictions: United States (US) 
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