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CCAMP-BIP Entrepreneurship Course in Bio Medical Innovations

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Course Plan, Outline and Details
Joint certification of students who participate in this programme will be done by C-CAMP and the concerned university or an external body (To be finalized)
3 stages:
  •                 How to identify a need 
  •                 How to make a relevant invention
  •                 How to take it to the market
Course over 9 months. Each stage over 3 months.
Once a week classes. Self study or group discussion encouraged.
1st stage – Course on Focus strategy / Needs exploration / Statement.
Disease fundamentals / Existing Solutions / Stakeholder analysis / Market Analysis / Needs Selection.
2nd Stage – Course on Ideation / Concept selection / IPR 
Regulatory / Finances / Buisness Models/
Concept exploration & Testing / Final Concept testing
3rd Stage – IP strategy / R&D Strategy / Clinical strategy / Regulatory Strategy / Stakeholder Strategy/
Sales &Distribution / Business Strategy / Operating Plan Financial Model / Funding / IPO.