C-CAMP supported by Huawel India hands over life-saving innovations to Karnataka Govt. to counter COVID emergency

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Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) has received CSR support from leading ICT solutions provider Huawei to put to use two C-CAMP marquee COVID innovations in the form of non-invasive ventilator devices and state-of-the-art remote vitals monitoring technologies in public health hospitals and facilities in the state of Karnataka.

In response to the massive surge of COVID-19 cases in the second wave, Huawei has partnered with C-CAMP to accelerate the facilitation of urgent medical supplies to support those most affected. The project has been fulfilled with the guidance from the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser, Govt. of India. In a bid to further boost existing oxygen capacity, the joint initiative will also facilitate oxygen concentrators to the deployment. 15 HFNC CPAP Oxygen therapy systems, 200 remote monitoring units and 200 concentrators were personally handed over to the Hon’ble Deputy CM of Karnataka, Dr. Ashwath Narayan C.N. by C-CAMP CEO and Director, Dr. Taslimarif Saiyed and Mr. Gilbert Nathan, AVP, Huawei India in Bengaluru today.

Welcoming this most recent deployment, Hon’ble Deputy CM of Karnataka, Dr. Ashwath Narayan C.N. said “In association with C-CAMP, Huawei India AVP Nathan handed over 200 Oxygen concentrators to the Govt. These will be distributed equally between 40 constituencies. We also launched innovative solutions, developed by C-CAMP to tackle the COVID-19.”

Upon this close collaboration with Government of Karnataka and Huawei India, Dr. Saiyed said “C-CAMP has been working in close collaboration with Govt of Karnataka in developing innovations to boost public healthcare infrastructure and access to quality healthcare. Today, we are happy to launch a few of these technologies that can contribute to Nation’s fight back in these unprecedented difficult times ”

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Ramu Patchala, Executive Director, Huawei India, said, “As we start witnessing welcome signs of recovery in the second Covid-19 wave, it is important that we plan and provide for the future. Huawei’s partnership with C-CAMP is aimed at strengthening the resource availability for future medical requirements. As part of our continued commitment to India and the people of Karnataka, today’s contribution of 15 HFNC CPAP Oxygen therapy systems, 200 remote monitoring units and 200 concentrators for the state of Karnataka is first part of our overall commitment to support India with Covid medical resources worth INR 5CR. In these trying times, we remain steadfast in our commitment to do whatever it takes to serve the people of India.”

C-CAMP as a premier bio innovation hub with a decade long experience in deep tech life sciences innovation and entrepreneurship in India is helping contribute in this hour of need by deploying and scaling up of innovative technologies to strengthen India’s public healthcare facilities. It has been joined by several other partners, both national and international, in this crucial fight back.

Being based in Karnataka a majority of these C-CAMP efforts are centred around the State which also happens to be one of the worst afflicted in India.

As a part of this support the following three lifesaving technologies will be provided to the public health facilities across the State -

1. High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) and Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Oxygen therapy system: Bangalore-based and C-CAMP portfolio start-up Coeo Labs/Innaccel Technologies’ Saans Pro CPAP and HFNC system is an all-in-one unit compatible with multiple patient interfaces, including protective continuous interfaces such as Helmet/hood for CPAP.

2. Remote Vital Parameter Monitoring: Another Bangalore-based C-CAMP supported start-up Turtle Shell Technologies’ product Dozee is a contactless remote vitals monitoring and AI based triaging system that can convert non-ICU beds into step-down ICUs thereby virtually increasing ICU grade bed capacity in hospitals.

3. Oxygen Concentrators: Oxygen concentrators using pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology are a portable and cost-efficient source for providing oxygen for patients requiring medical oxygen due to low oxygen levels in their blood.

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June 10, 2021