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Incubatee Open House: Who we are and What we do

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COVID-19 Response: Local Logistics     National Effort

C-CAMP is holding an Incubatee Open House, an informal discussion session for all its incubatees, new and old, to break the ice with the different C-CAMP program leads and with each other.

Date & Time: Friday, 8th Oct, 4pm 

Abstract: C-CAMP with its diverse range of offerings in entrepreneurship such as labspace, technology platforms, academic networks, subject matter expertise, mentoring, funding, is home to multiple Start-ups in the field of deep science driven innovations. Our portfolio has recently expanded with an expansion in incubation area and a new cohort of innovators solving unique challenges addressing healthcare, agriculture and environment. But do we know them all?

Due to the pandemic our interactions have been minimal. As we are opening up to new opportunities with safety guidelines, its time for us to know the extended family at C-CAMP and thus an Incubatee Open House where we introduce each other to Who we Are and What we Do.  
Join us for this session and we will help you take it ahead through breakout meetings with C-CAMP program leads based on your interests. Coming up Soon!
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Friday, October 8, 2021
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