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Optimized Coconut Water

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Optimized Coconut Water for Growth of Microbes and Expression of Recombinant Proteins and Methods Thereof

The Novel Technology:

This technology describes a simple and cost effective modification of Tender Coconut Water (TCW) media to function as complete media without expensive animal protein supplementation. This novel media enables uniform growth, high production of biomass and over expression of recombinant proteins in E.coli and Pichia.
  • To facilitate growth of prokaryote and eukaryote microorganisms and expression of recombinant proteins with the normalized growth media
  • To use as an inducer based auto-induction media
  • To potentially increase biofuel production
  • To provide a rich source of long chain fatty acids which can be bioconverted  using recombinant lipases  into compounds having pharmaceutical and nutraceutical significance and other proteins expression for bioconversion purpose.
  • Increased biomass of bacteria and yeast
  • Cost efficient and normalized growth media
  • Green alternative to animal based protein products and other standard media (eg. Luria broth)
Business Model:
This invention is in early stage of development. Looking for potential licensee(s) interested in taking the technology to next step of development.
Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Muniasamy Neerathilingam, C-CAMP
Invention ID: CMP-031
IP status: Patent Pending
Jurisdictions: PCT filed
For more details, please write to:
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