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A transgenic mouse model for cardiac myopathy, reagents, methods and uses thereof

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The Novel Technology:            


[001]   The invention relates to a mouse model system for the development and testing of candidate drugs to treat cardiomyopathies and heart failure, particularly those candidates that interact directly with the myosin. The mouse genome comprises a stably integrated transgenic nucleotide fragment homologous to a genomic region encoding the beta myosin heavy chain isoform, encoded by MYH7 gene.


The mice provide a whole organism with the human myosin, regulated by the mouse genomic context, to better understand the biology of cardiac muscle contraction in humans. The mice can be studied or used for testing at multiple levels of organization:

o    Whole animals in longitudinal studies

o    Adult cardiomyocytes in single-cell studies of force production

o    Calcium signalling, and

o    Adult fibres and myofibrils


The mice provide a coisogenic system; that is, the mutant and control wild-type mice differ only by a single genetic difference that is, change in a single amino-acid residue.

Technology development status:

This invention is a product based technology. Currently, we are looking for partners to validate the said technology.

Principal Investigator(s): Dr. John A Mercer, inStem

Invention ID: CMP-040

IP Status: Patent Pending

Jurisdictions: India (IN)


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