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Terms and conditions

Types of service workflows:

Expression & purification services alone:

If client provides the construct containing insert for expression & purification services only, all information including the sequence of insert/s, details on the construct/vector /s etc should be provided by the client. As it is mandatory to check for purity and yield irrespective of the available data, facility will perform the following: DNA sequencing confirmation of insert, expression, solubility, purity and yield check, before further large scale expression and purification.

Purification services alone:

If the client requires purification only, all details requested and information such as, source, natural or recombinant and in case of recombinant - nucleic acid and amino acid sequence of the insert, details of purification tag/s etc should be provided by the client.

Deliverables and Payment terms:

Results obtained at checkpoints shall be shared with the client. Deliverables (e.g. Constructs, strains etc) will be provided to the client upon request and upon achievement of checkpoints. If not requested during the service, deliverables shall be provided at the conclusion of the service.

Multiple quotations and/or proforma invoices may be given to the client during the course of the service (dependent on requirements of client and agreed payment schedule); however a single invoice will be raised for the complete service for payment by the client.

Vector/strain (/s) used and provided by facility:

For commercial/non-academic entities – Vectors/strains used for protein production by the facility shall not be provided to the client. Deliverables would only include the protein. In the event that the constructs/strains are a requirement the vectors/strains shall be provided by the client only.

For academic/research institutions - Vectors and strains provided by the facility can be used ONLY for research purposes and cannot be shared with third parties. It can only be used to express the protein that was cloned by the facility. If the system is used for filing IP or for commercial activities, the institution and investigator are responsible for getting the appropriate permission(s) from the company with the proprietary rights on the vectors/strains used. If any infringement of this notice occurs, the facility shall not be held responsible for forthcoming arbitrations.


Publications & Acknowledgments:

In the event that results from the service provided are to be published, depending on the intellectual input provided by C-CAMP Protein facility, authorship can be discussed. In any event regardless of authorship, the Protein facility must be acknowledged in any publication of results from the service.

Please note: The facility through its expertise and experience will assure the best of services as requested.

In some cases, due to the unpredictability of proteins, variance and their functional behavior, it may not be possible to obtain functionally active protein.

For activity studies, client may approach facility head for discussion on feasibility. This will be a separate custom service request.

Appropriate internal positive controls will be used to assure the genomic integration of the gene in the P. pastoris genome as well as for expression.

In case of service failures due to unforeseen reasons (e.g. no expression observed, unable to purify etc), client will still be invoiced for the services rendered.

Samples, if any, remaining after the completion of a project will be stored upto a period of Three months. Protein Technology Facility reserves the right to dispose the unclaimed samples after the Three month period, unless discussed beforehand (on case-to-case basis).


Medtech Facility Services Terms & Conditions

  1. The effort cost for the design and development of the given scope of the product is fixed. It would be revised with any change in scope or additional iteration(s).
  2. The project duration is expected to be overrun by a couple of weeks in the event of any design change, new development, or challenges in the procurement of materials. The timelines mentioned in the quote are for indicative purposes only.
  3. For any iteration or major change regarding the project, the client shall intimate the facility with a written comment on TPS or email. No verbal requests shall be entertained.
  4. The schedule/cost estimate is based on available information, and if there is a major change in requirement, the estimate shall be revisited.
  5. C-CAMP Medtech Facility, with the best of its efforts, will ensure there is no wilful violation of design or patent rights.
  6. The client shall undertake the patent search or design rights search well in advance before requesting a project with C-CAMP Medtech Facility. C-CAMP Medtech facility shall not undertake any prior art search.
  7. Any field risk related to the product and solution and associated insurance premium is the sole ownership of the client.
  8. Onsite Travel shall be billed to the client.
  9. The client agrees to exercise due diligence in its direction to us regarding the preparation of materials and must be able to substantiate all claims and representations, and shall only provide us with accurate, and correct information and details.
  10.  The client shall be responsible for all trademark, service mark, copyright, and patent infringement clearances. The client is also responsible for arranging, prior to publication, any necessary legal clearance of materials we prepare.
  11. The client shall not provide C-CAMP Medtech Facility with any material or request us to take a project that infringes the law or any third-party rights. C-CAMP MedTech Facility shall not be held liable for any infringement because of work being distributed or published under the client's direction. The client indemnifies C-CAMP Medtech facility from all third-party claims made against us in connection with materials included in your device/design/prototype.
  12. The estimation or quote given to the client does not include the charges towards supplying the line drawing (in case the complete drawing is made at C-CAMP Medtech Facility) for patent applications and complete handover charges of designs/molds etc. Handing over the design drawings for patent applications will be charged based on the complexity of the designs and it may vary from case to case. If the complete handing over of designs/molds is requested by the client, C-CAMP Medtech Facility will charge a premium based on the complexity of the project/drawing/molds.
  13. In case the exact drawings are in the ready-to-execute format supplied by the client, C-CAMP Medtech Facility shall not charge any amount on drawings.
  14. For any reverse engineering project given by the client, C-CAMP Medtech Facility shall not be held responsible for IP infringement and the client shall be liable for legal actions in such a case.
  15. All the projects undertaken by the C-CAMP Medtech Facility shall be kept confidential and no information will be provided to anyone except to the client.
  16. If there is intellectual contribution by C-CAMP Medtech Facility during the project, the client agrees for joint development or co-owning Intellectual Property Rights with C-CAMP Medtech Facility associated with such contribution.

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