Tecnai G2 Spirit Bio-TWIN Transmission Electron Microscope

  • High contrast, high resolution for 20 –120 kV operation Accelerating Voltage 20, 40, 60 80 100 120 kV
  • Beam source: LaB6 filament.
  • Vacuum system: Oil Diffusion (ODP) and Rotary for projection chamber; Ion (IGP) and Turbo vacuum pumps for column.
  • +/-80˚ fully computer controlled Goniometer stage
  • Optimized for 2D & 3D imaging of cells, cell organelles and soft matter
  • Smart Tracking Position System for sample navigation Low dose mode available
  • Cryo attachment for imaging of biological specimens and materials samples at sub-zero temperatures
  • 4k x 2k Gatan Orius side mount CCD camera.
  • DM3 operation software (Gatan Digital Micrograph)
  • 3D reconstruction software
  • Holders: Standard single tilt; Gatan multiple specimen holder;  Standard single tilt +/- 80˚ Tomography specimen holder; Gatan cryo holder single tilt +/- 80˚ Tomography Cryotransfer Holder


The MERLIN Compact VP (Scanning Electron Microscope)


  • Resolution: 0.8nm @ 15KV; 1.4nm @ 1 KV; 0.8nm @ 30KV (STEM mode)
  • Probe current: 5 pA to 100nA
  • Acceleration voltage: 0.02 V to 30 kV 
  • Magnification: 12 – 2,00,000 X
  • Electron Emitter:Thermal (Schottky) field emission gun.
  • Detection Modes
  1. In-lens Duo: Switchable between on-axis in-lens secondary electron detection for highest surface sensitivity and energy selective backscattered detection for advanced materials contrasts.
  2. Secondary Ion: High efficiency in-lens SE detector Everhart Thornley Secondary Electron detector
  3. Variable Pressure: High efficiency VPSE detector for pressure up to 60 Pa
  4. STEM: Low voltage optimized bright field, 4 quadrant dark field, and high angular dark field transmission imaging.
  5. EDAX for chemical composition analysis and element mapping.
  6. Cryo SEM and freeze fracture for imaging hydrated samples or for beam/vacuum sensitive specimens.
  7. Correlative Microscopy with Shuttle and Find.
  • Specimen Stage: 5-Axes Motorized Eucentric Specimen Stage:X = 130mm; Y = 130mm; Z = 50mm; T = - 3º to 70º; R = 360º (continous)  
  • Chamber:  330mm(Ø) x 270mm(h)                              15 accessory ports for various options including CCD-Camera with IR-illumination
  • Vacuum system:  High vacuum mode and variable pressure mode