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Sugar Rush with Science is a monthly affair, where the Bangalore Lifescience Cluster (BLiSC) community gets under the roof of the C-CAMP cafeteria on a Friday, to get the rush of latest scientific advancements from campus, with literal drops of sugar (or, call it artisanal ice-cream!) on the side. Created with the idea of engaging minds with the brilliant scientific research and innovations that happen on in the campus across disciplines of lifesciences, Sugar Rush with science features two 20- minute chalk-talks, one by a faculty from the BLiSC organizations and another by a founder of a deep-science startup supported by C-CAMP. Almost 200 campus members attend these talks which focuses on the current work being carried out by the speakers.

The BLiSC is a confluence of minds from NCBS, InStem and TIGS and, all positioned on the same campus, and home to country’s one of the best research and innovation hubs. From basic research in biosciences and ecology domains, stem cell based approaches in regenerative medicine to translational and innovational science, we feature speakers from all stages of biology. This informal get-together over desserts strives to increase campus dialogues and networking across domains and departments, provide opportunities to understand the diversity of science and innovation in the BLiSC campus and promote collaborations.

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Past Events

Title Date Speaker Name
My Transition from basic science to translational research 14-06-2024 Prof. L S Shashidhara, Director, NCBS
Drug Discovery startup: A bumpy ride indeed 14-06-2024 Dr. Bala Subramanian, Co Founder & CEO, Bugworks Research
Allogeneic off-the-shelf NK Therapies for Addressing Cancer 22-03-2024 Lalit Pai, CEO, NKure Therapeutics, (C-CAMP supported startup)
How Reading DNA Can Help Save Species 22-03-2024 Prof. Uma Ramakrishnan, PI, NCBS
Leveraging Insects to make Sustainable Alternative Ingredients 06-10-2023 Ankit Alok Bagaria, Co-Founder, Loopworm (C-CAMP supported startup)
Biomimicry based Drug Discovery for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 06-10-2023 Dr. Praveen Kumar Vemula, PI, InStem