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Transmission Electron Microscope or TEM (Tecnai G2 Spirit Bio-TWIN )

  • High contrast, high resolution for 20 –120 kV operation Accelerating Voltage 20, 40, 60 80 100 120 kV
  • Beam source: LaB6 filament.
  • Vacuum system: Oil Diffusion (ODP) and Rotary for projection chamber; Ion (IGP) and Turbo vacuum pumps for column.
  • +/-80˚ fully computer controlled Goniometer stage
  • Optimized for 2D & 3D imaging of cells, cell organelles and soft matter
  • Smart Tracking Position System for sample navigation Low dose mode available
  • Cryo attachment for imaging of biological specimens and materials samples at sub-zero temperatures
  • 4k x 2k Gatan Orius side mount CCD camera.
  • DM3 operation software (Gatan Digital Micrograph)
  • 3D reconstruction software
  • Holders: Standard single tilt; Gatan multiple specimen holder;  Standard single tilt +/- 80˚ Tomography specimen holder; Gatan cryo holder single tilt +/- 80˚ Tomography Cryotransfer Holder


Scanning Electron Microscope or SEM (The MERLIN Compact VP)

  • Resolution: 0.8nm @ 15KV; 1.4nm @ 1 KV; 0.8nm @ 30KV (STEM mode)
  • Probe current: 5 pA to 100nA
  • Acceleration voltage: 0.02 V to 30 kV 
  • Magnification: 12 – 2,00,000 X
  • Electron Emitter:Thermal (Schottky) field emission gun.
  • Detection Modes
  • Correlative Microscopy with Shuttle and Find.
  • Cryo SEM and freeze fracture for imaging hydrated samples or for beam/vacuum sensitive specimens.
  • EDAX for chemical composition analysis and element mapping.
  • STEM: Low voltage optimized bright field, 4 quadrant dark field, and high angular dark field transmission imaging.
  • Variable Pressure: High efficiency VPSE detector for pressure up to 60 Pa
  • Secondary Ion: High efficiency in-lens SE detector Everhart Thornley Secondary Electron detector
  • In-lens Duo: Switchable between on-axis in-lens secondary electron detection for highest surface sensitivity and energy selective backscattered detection for advanced materials contrasts.
  • Specimen Stage: 5-Axes Motorized Eucentric Specimen Stage:X = 130mm; Y = 130mm; Z = 50mm; T = - 3º to 70º; R = 360º (continous)  
  • Chamber:  330mm(Ø) x 270mm(h)                              15 accessory ports for various options including CCD-Camera with IR-illumination
  • Vacuum system:  High vacuum mode and variable pressure mode


High-resolution 3D X-Ray Scanner or MicroCT (Bruker SkyScan 1272)