The Current focus of DIA programme spans Drug Discovery, Diagnostics & Devices and Platform Technology. Enlisted below is brief description of each technology. Details are available upon request.

  • Drug Discovery

        NEURODEGENERATION - Small Molecule Compounds for Amelioration of Neurodegenerative Diseases

        NOVEL HIV THERAPY - NCEs targeting host-viral interface immunomodulation; unlike conventional ARTs, these compounds do not target viruses alone

        SEPSIS INTERVENTION- Nature inspired Novel approach for Sepsis intervention

  • Diagnostics & Devices

      Opto-Fludics based:

      Microfluidic Flow Analyzer - For Healthcare applications, specially for portable health monitoring

      Stem-cell Sorting - Proprietary Technology for Sorting Human Embryonic Stem cells and hiPSCs without external modification

      RAPID PATHOGEN IDENTIFICATION - Microbial growth culture based Rapid Personalized Antibiotics Susceptibility Assay

  • Platform Technology

     ENHANCED PROTEIN PRODUCTION - Increase protein production from mammalian cells using “Booster Kit”

     NANO-PARTICLE BASED DRUG DELIVERY - Novel Self-Assembling Short Peptides based drug/gene delivery for Oncology (Glioblastoma)