Discovery to Innovation Accelerator

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Discovery to Innovation Accelerator (DIA): Translating Academic Discoveries to Industry-ready Technologies

The translation of deep science discoveries leads to unforeseen and disruptive applications for society. However, most academic discoveries with amazing potential seldom translate into impactful innovations. DIA program aims to leverage existing scientific discoveries across India to develop socially relevant, sustainable solutions in health, agriculture and environment.

DIA aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry by breaking the innovation barriers through:

  • Identification of discoveries with potential applications
  • Assessment of discoveries for their scientific credibility, market potential and societal impact
  • Validation and translation into proof of concept
  • Effective transfer of product prototype by successful licensing or spin-offs as start-ups

DIA serves as a platform where the innovators, industry leaders, regulators and legal advisors can come together to successfully convert technical knowledge into effective solutions/products. DIA works with premier institutes and scientists across India which provides access to deep science discoveries at an early stage. Scientific discoveries then go through steps of assessment, translation and commercialization (See Divisional structure). The in-house experts work with industry leaders and academic collaborators for de-risking innovations and their successful transition into industry-ready form.


Early Translation Accelerator (ETA)

ETA, funded by BIRAC (, is a programme under DIA, focusing on catalyzing transformation of young academic discoveries (publications/patents) with possible commercial and societal impact into economically viable ventures and technologies. Although commercialization of early stage technologies is an uphill task, adding the translational component to establish proof-of-concept validation is envisaged as a step towards attracting industry to takeup these validated and de-risked technologies further for development and commercialization.