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We work with industry partners/ investors for collaborations and/or strategic investment in existing technologies. Our team will work with you to identify relevant opportunities and connect you with the entrepreneurs and researchers. OTT is here to assist you in connecting with researchers whose work is of interest to you and may be reaching the stage where investment could bring the innovation to a stage where commercialization is possible.


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Once you have identified a technology, please contact the OTT team ( We will provide non-confidential information as it becomes available, or in many cases, we will execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to provide you with as much information available.

CDA form

Once your licensing request is received, we will discuss and provide an initial term sheet that may include exclusivity, field of use, grant of rights, and sub-licensing provisions.

Through discussions, a license agreement will be drafted. Once the language is agreed upon by both the parties, final agreement is executed.