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3-day Online Course on Introduction to Genomics and Bioinformatics

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Course Title: 
3-Day Online Course on Introduction to Genomics & Bioinformatics by C-CAMP & Bengaluru Genomics Centre
  • To train skilled human resources towards rapid advancement in the area of Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • To ignite medical genomics research, education and handle big-data analysis

Broad topics to be covered:

Agenda -

Day 1

Schedule 9:00 AM to 5:00PM



  • Inaugural Session
  • Plenary Lecture on Next Generation Sequencing Technologies and Applications: 10:30AM to 12:30PM
  • Lunch Break: 1:00PM to 2:00PM
  • NGS Library Preparation (Illumina Platform): Demo: 2:00PM to 3:00PM
  • DNA Sequencing using Next Generation Sequencing platform (C-CAMP Facility Tour): Demo 3:00PM to 3:30PM
  • Basics of Bioinformatics: 3:30PM to 4:00PM
  • Next Generation Sequencing Data: 4:00PM to 5:00PM

Day 2

Schedule: 9:30AM to 5:00PM



  • Recap and QA: 9:30AM to 10:00AM
  • Whole Genome Assembly, Analysis and Annotation: Demo: 10:00AM to 1:00PM
  • Lunch Break: 1:00PM to 2:00PM
  • Hands-on Whole Genome Assembly and Analysis: 3:00PM to 5:00PM

Day 3

Schedule: 10:00 AM to 3:00PM



  • Recap and QA: 10:00AM to 11:00AM
  • Guest Lecture: 11:00AM to 12:00 Noon
  • Discussions and QA: 12:00 to 1:00PM
  • Lunch Break: 1:00PM to 2:00PM
  • Test and Feed-back: 2:00PM to 3:00PM
Computer Support Required:
  • Participants should have laptop with 2 to 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard disk, i5 or i7 core processor and Ubuntu 16 or above operating system.
  • Internet connection
  • Headphones
Link for registration:
Fees will be ₹ 7500 inclusive of 18%  GST.
Payment Mode - NEFT transfer, bank details in registration link above
Deadline: 20th of September, 2021
Write to us if you have any queries:
Wednesday, September 22, 2021 to Friday, September 24, 2021
Last Date of Application: 
Monday, September 20, 2021
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