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NBM MedTech Rapid Prototyping microFab

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MedTech Rapid Prototyping µFab for Microfluidic Diagnostic Devices

CCAMP’s NBM MedTech µFab with its ‘Design to Manufacture’ approach offers its design and technological expertise for rapid conversion of an idea into the product. It is envisioned to pioneer path-breaking innovation and quick to market acceleration of microfluidic chips.

What does the Facility do?

  • Idea – All you need to do is walk in with your idea in your head. If your idea is still fluid, you can utilise our immersion programs and meetings with our experts to fine tune the idea.
  • Design – Our experts help you with the preliminary design and fine tuning of further designs taking into account production limitations for a holistic design for manufacture approach.
  • Proof of Concept – We will help you fabricate the initial proof of concept either in plastic or PDMS. Our testing platforms allow flow testing along with fact imaging and electronic testing of the microfluidic devices.
  • Prototype – We provide prototyping support to get polished almost finalized design devices towards further testing as well as acquiring further rounds of funding.
  • Pilot Scale – And finally, we help you manufacture devices at the pilot scale before you move manufacturing either to your own facility or to commercial facilities. We provide injection molding and vacuum casting in a CLASS 10000 cleanroom facility.
  • Testing - To ensure the best product quality, we test the products right from the designing stage till pilot scale production. We have testing capabilities for surface profiling, fluid simulation and preliminary electronic testing. We provide quality analysis tools like fluorescence microscopy, fast imaging, pumping systems, oscilloscopes and NI LabView.

Email: services[at]ccamp[dot]res[dot]in
Telephone: +91 80 6718 5052

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