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FCRA Details


FCRA Registration number and date

094421683 Dtd:12.09.2017


Date of Receipt of Grant

(i) 19.08.2020 (ii) 19.08.2020


Amount in INR

(i) Rs.24,21,22,020.00 (ii) Rs.31,90,751.00

4. Name and address of funding agency

(i)The Rockefeller Foundation-420 fifth Avenue New York, NY 10018-2702.
(ii) Bill & MelInda Gates Foundation –P.O. Box 23350,Seattle,Washington 98102,USA.

5. Purpose

(i)The Rockefeller Foundation-support of expanding domestic supply chains of critical COVID-19 diagnostics in India.
(ii) Bill & MelInda Gates Foundation- to support Echo network, a national program to provide a template for cross-disciplinary leadership in India with the specific focus of increasing research, knowledge and awareness of Indian ecology and the environment.

6. Specific place where the fund is utilised

Both in  India.

Receipts during Oct - Dec 2020 - NIL
Receipts during Jan - March 2021 - NIL