COVID-19 Response: Local Logistics     National Effort       

COVID-19 Response: Local Logistics     National Effort

InDx aspires to achieve its mission for indigenization of high-quality molecular diagnostics for SARS CoV2 through effective collaborations with Centres of Excellence that draws and leverages the best expertise and capabilities available in the country.  To achieve this goal, InDx has constituted CoEs operating out of leading research institutes in the country, led by highly accomplished senior researchers bringing together deep subject matter expertise, academic excellence and state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology capabilities.

Aligning to InDx mission, concerted efforts are ongoing to have a comprehensive suite of end to end offerings on quality and scale-up process technologies.

The CoEs are key drivers to:

  • Enhance quality for indigenously manufactured reagents, components, critical raw materials and diagnostic kits for SARS CoV 2
  • Offer scale-up process technologies
  • Evaluate interchangeability of reagents, components and critical raw materials from indigenous sources
  • Adopt best practices in quality and manufacturing to meet global standards

To avail the above services, register and fill in the InDx form at the C-CAMP Technology Platform Services portal -


  1. Clinical Studies – inStem, Bangalore
  2. Chemistry – IISER, Pune
  3. Biologics – IISc, Bangalore
  4. Quality - C-CAMP, Bangalore
  5. Informatics - C-CAMP, Bangalore
  6. Antigen/Antibody - CCMB, Hyderabad
  7. Scale-up - NCBS, Bangalore
  8. Business Analytics - RICH, Hyderabad