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Microfluidic Device

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Microfluidic Device for Long term In-vivo Imaging throughout Development of Transparent Organisms

The Novel Technology:

To study developmental and cell biological phenomena occurring over longer time scales, it is often very useful to follow a single identified animal throughout its life cycle. Examples include cell migration, axon outgrowth, synapse remodeling and organelle dynamics. We have developed a simple growth and imaging PDMS device with food flow to track an individual C.elegans from the time of its hatching to adulthood.
  • To study developmental and track physiological changes in translucent organisms
  • To use in other experiments – laser ablation, live transport imaging, behavioural analysis, calcium cell body imaging, cell division, migration, etc.,
Advantages of the Technology:
  • Complete immobilization of organisms without any glue or anesthesia
  • No change in normal health condition of organism
  • Multiple point of observation for days to monitor long term cellular and sub-cellular processes.
  • No effect on the physiological process of the organism
  • Simple device design without any requirement for expensive alignment process
Business Model:
Early-stage technology demonstrating immobilization without the use of anesthetics, provides a feeding mechanism, allows growth of the organism within the microfluidic device and is coupled to sub-cellular imaging which gives the added ability to visualize neuron movement within organism. Looking for potential licensee(s) for further development of the technology.
Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Sandhya P. Koushika, NCBS
Invention ID: CMP-007
IP Status: Patent Pending 
Jurisdictions: India (IN)
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