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C-CAMP as a BIG Partner: Webinar #1 of C-CAMP Technology & Innovations Series

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C-CAMP is delighted to launch a brand new Webinar series focussing on CCAMP Technologies and Innovations, called CTIS - the C-CAMP Technologies and Innovations Series. CTIS is aimed at helping researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders engage meaningfully with C-CAMP and the activities and programs under its various verticals. 

Webinar 1: C-CAMP as a BIG partner: A funding program that changed India's innovation landscape

Speakers: Dr Neelanjana Janardan, Senior Program Manager, C-CAMP and Dr Vishal Bhardwaj, Scientific Consultant, C-CAMP

Date and Time : Friday, 21st August, 2020, 12pm


Live Stream

In this inaugural session, learn how learn from the experts how Biotechnology Ignition Grant, India's flagship biotech startup funding program has had profound, potentially course-changing impact on Indian innovation ecosystem.



Friday, August 21, 2020