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CCAMP Impres Entrepreneurship Primer Workshop Session 3 - Commercialization and Markets

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C-CAMP - Impres Entrepreneurship Primer Workshop is conducting its 3rd online session with seasoned bio entrepreneur, Ashok Vohra, Director, Impres Health. 

Date and Time: Friday, 7th August, 10am 

Topic: Commercialization and Markets: Is the Customer Always Right? 

The Workshop is a 6 month long workshop that meets for a 2-hour intense, interactive session once a month. Instructors are veterans from bio entrepreneurship world - Dr Anand Anandkumar, Co-Founder, Bugworks, Dr Jogin Desai, Founder and CEO, Eyestem Research and Ashok Vohra. 

Sessions 1 and 2 have covered Cash Flow and VC Pitch in June and July. Coming up in September, October and November are sessions on

  • Team Building [Jogin]
  • Leadership Lessons [Jogin]
  • MVP [Anand]

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For more information, write to entrep[at] 

To be conducted online.

Friday, August 7, 2020