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KSAP Special Call 2022

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COVID-19 Response: Local Logistics     National Effort

Centre for Cellular & Molecular Platforms announces a 2022 post-COVID Special Call of the Karnataka Start-up Advancement Program – K -SAP BIO 50 (a Govt. of Karnataka supported program). Applications are invited from Karnataka based Bio-startups in Healthcare, Med devices, Agritech, Cleantech and other allied domains for this structured, deep dive engagement program with industry experts to increase traction and accelerate go-to-market.

In consultation with Karnataka Govt., this is a one-time non-transferable opportunity  

  • For KTech ELEVATE Winners (Top 6 Startups- based on K-SAP Selection process) for whom Equity will be waived
  • For other Karnataka based Startups a one time offer of only 1% Equity


  • Year-around advisory sessions covering all aspects of bio-entrepreneurship, such as product development, IP, Regulatory, Business model, and Funding with dedicated anchor advisors from industries as identified by C-CAMP.
  • Curated workshops, Networking events, International partnering forums and
  • Meetings with regulators, investors, channel partners and more
  • An investment opportunity in a fast-track mode for up to 1 Cr from C-CAMP (subject to due diligence & term sheets) for top 5 shortlisted startups from the program 

K-SAP BIO50 has already supported three cohorts. For more information visit:

Apply here by 30th Nov, 2022

Contact ksap[at] or nutanp[at] for queries.