Sugar Rush with Science March 2024

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C-CAMP Sugar Rush with Science, Icecream Fri-yay event is back! Come fuel your curiosity while beating the heat & taking a sweet escape with ice cream!

Date: Friday, 22 March

Time: 4 PM

Venue: C-CAMP Cafeteria

Format: Chalk talk presentations of 20 mins for each speaker and 20 mins for Q&A

About Sugar Rush with Science:  The event is a platform for the campus community to come together informally and share their recent research pursuits. The aim is to increase campus dialogues across domains and departments, provide opportunities to understand the diversity of science and innovation in the Cluster and promote collaborations towards completing the journey of the cutting-edge science we do as a campus to a real-life impact on society.


Prof. Uma Ramakrishnan, NCBS. Topic - How reading DNA can help save species

Lalit Pai, CEO, NKure Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. (a startup supported and incubated at C-CAMP). Topic: Allogeneic off-the-shelf NK therapies for addressing cancer

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Friday, March 22, 2024