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Multiplex Droplet Microfluidic Analyser

Inventors at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms have designed a microfluidic chip through which samples or analytes can be analysed for biological and non-biological parameters on the basis on optical signals. The microfluidic analyser provides simultaneous detection of not only size scatter and multiple fluorescence signals but also absorbance which is not possible in conventional flow cytometers. The design is a plug-and-play setup and allows customization of optical components depending on the particular need of the assay.

The method has wide applications in fields of biomedical research, healthcare, environment, agricultural, animal biotechnology, and material science and can be used for high-throughput screening, single cell analysis and rare event identification.

IP Status: Publication number- WO2021001798

Recombinant Milk Proteins

The invention provides a method of introducing and over-expressing cockroach (Pacific Beetle) gene for milk protein in food grade yeast (in-vitro host expression system) and obtaining powder or crystalline form of the high-calorific value recombinant protein which can be used as food or animal feed supplement. The protein supplement is made up of all essential amino acids, non-lactose sugars and essential fatty acids. It provides about ~4X more energy as compared to the most mammalian milks. It is easy to culture and maintain, has high shelf life, and low production cost.

IP Status: Provisional specification IN202141001050

Stable Dipeptide Delivery Complex

Drug delivery is the method or process of administering a therapeutic agent or pharmaceutical compound to achieve a therapeutic effect in humans or animals. However, the problems such as poor bioavailability, instability in the circulation, inadequate tissue distribution and potential toxicity raise concerns over safety of administering the therapeutic agents and/or chemotherapeutic agents, especially for long-term administration still persists.

The inventors at CCAMP and ICGEB have constructed a novel dipeptide nanoparticle with a conformationally restricted amino acid and a charged amino acid arm. This stable delivery molecule is capable of hosting at least one small molecule and at least one nucleic acid molecule as cargo delivery molecules for effective and targeted drug delivery.

IP Status: Patent Application No- PCT/IN2021/050170