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Agriculture Grand Challenges

The Agriculture Grand Challenges Program aims to identify promising innovations to address problem areas and gaps in Indian agriculture., identified through the Agri Immersion Program These innovations will have strong potential to transform key aspects of Indian agriculture in a disruptive manner. The challenge is a unique opportunity for Agri-tech start-ups with a commercially viable solution to solve defined problems at the grassroots level through deep-science innovations. 

Call for Applications:

The Agriculture Grand Challenges was officially launched by the Hon’ble DyCM of Karnataka Dr. Ashwath Narayan on 23-July-2021.

The following three problem statements have been selected for the 1st call of the Agriculture Grand Challenges:

  1. A quick, accurate and affordable PoC method for testing a) macro/micro nutrient density in soil and/or plant tissue and b) soil microbial diversity
  2. A technology to enhance the shelf life of produce and minimization of post-harvest losses through chemical/biological/IR methods *
  3. A technology for detection and treatment of white stem borer infestation in Coffee crop *

*Currently Open

Eligibility criteria:

For Indian Startups:

1.Start-up registered in India.
2. Start-up must be <10 yrs. old
3. The shareholding by Indian promoters in the beneficiary start up should be at least 51%.
4. Start-up must develop deep-tech/deep-science solutions limited to the above defined problem statement(s).
5. Selected start-up should develop MVP within 18 months of time

Link for application

For Foreign start-ups:

International start-ups addressing any of the above problem statements are welcome to apply to the scheme. Apply at

Please contact for details.

Deadline: May 31st, 2022

Scope of Support:

Outlined below is the scope of support for various categories of startups selected under this scheme:

1.    Mentorship and hand-holding by Indian and International agri experts
2.    Networking opportunities with Govt. of Karnataka and Agri stakeholders
3.    Support with field trials through collaborations with Agriculture Universities and Organizations
4.    Funding opportunities:
•    For startups incorporated in Karnataka: Investment of 25-50 L from GoK Funds
•    For other Indian start-ups: Investment of up to 50 L through other C-CAMP schemes (lateral entry)
•    For International start-ups: Connects with VCs and Angel Investors