COVID-19 Response: Local Logistics     National Effort       

COVID-19 Response: Local Logistics     National Effort

C-CAMP has till date incubated over 30 innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs working in different areas of Life Sciences and Biotechnology. C-CAMP incubatees are currently working in the fields of drug discovery, molecular biology, transgenic model systems, biomaterials, synthetic biology, upstream & downstream processing, agricultural sciences, nutraceuticals etc.

Present Incubatees
Bugworks Research Pvt Ltd

Sea6 Energy Pvt Ltd

Biomoneta Research Pvt Ltd

Nkure Therapeutics Pvt Ltd

Scikal Life Technologies Pvt Ltd

Crisprbits Pvt Ltd

Equine Biotech Pvt Ltd

String Bio Pvt Ltd

Faunatech Solutions Pvt Ltd

Mitosciences Research Pvt Ltd

Daskdan Innovations Pvt Ltd

Archeron Innovations Pvt Ltd

Femtofarad Pvt Ltd

Rhogenites Biotech India Pvt Ltd

Sekkei Bio Pvt Ltd
Peptris Technologies Pvt Ltd

Cosmos Biotech LLP

Skyfire Applied Intelligence

Praesidia Biotherapeutics Pvt Ltd

Blockapps AI Pvt Ltd

CIERI Institute Pvt Ltd


Foundation for Neglected Disease Research

RS Chemtree