C-CAMP has till date incubated over 30 innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs working in different areas of Life Sciences and Biotechnology. C-CAMP incubatees are currently working in the fields of drug discovery, molecular biology, transgenic model systems, biomaterials, synthetic biology, upstream & downstream processing, agricultural sciences, nutraceuticals etc.

Present Incubatees
Bugworks Research Pvt Ltd


Sea6 Energy Pvt Ltd


Biomoneta Research Pvt Ltd


Nkure Therapeutics Pvt Ltd

Sekkei Bio

Crisprbits Pvt Ltd


Biolockey HealthWorks Pvt Ltd

String Bio Pvt Ltd


Faunatech Solutions Pvt Ltd

Mitosciences Research Pvt Ltd

Daskdan Innovations Pvt Ltd


Archeron Innovations Pvt Ltd


Femtofarad Pvt Ltd

Rhogenites Biotech India Pvt Ltd

Ultranutri India Pvt Ltd

Peptris Technologies Pvt Ltd


Cosmos Biotech LLP


Skyfire Applied Intelligence


Praesidia Biotherapeutics Pvt Ltd

Loopworm Pvt Ltd

Aaarna Therapeutics

Vipragen Biosciences Pvt Ltd

Foundation for Neglected Disease Research


VJ Biosciences Pvt Ltd

VriVida Pvt. Ltd.

Swalava Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Sedign Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Teora Lifesciences Pvt Ltd

Apratima Biosolutions Pvt Ltd.

IOM Bioworks Pvt Ltd

Inovaugmet Research Pvt Ltd.

Capsber Global Agro Pvt Ltd

Needle Innovations Pvt Ltd.

. Enhanced Innovations Pvt Ltd

Ribodribonpro Technologies Pvt Ltd

. GCAT DNA World Pvt Ltd

Gene2go Pvt Ltd

. Ykrita Lifesciences Pvt Ltd

NeoDx Biotech Labs Pvt Ltd

Reprosci Biosciences Pvt Ltd

Artitech Innovation Pvt Ltd

Gnaneshwar Yadav
Swetha Raghavan

Sanjukta Mukherjee
Sumon Pratihar

VKM Industries Ltd
Govindkumar Balagannavar

Resident Incubatees - Ktech

Equine Biotech Pvt Ltd

Vitaliz Biosciences Pvt Ltd

Koshkey Sciences Pvt Ltd

Mohamed Mohamed Haroon

Padmini Sudarshana
Sunny Kataria

Non-resident Incubatees
Vyuuham Sustainable India Pvt Ltd

Labezy Medtech Pvt Ltd

Giftolexia Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Gena Healthx Pvt Ltd

Aathma Pranavaayu Pvt Ltd
Biokarma Consumer Pvt ltd
Gods Own Store
Shashwat Gupta
Naturelle Herbal Remedies Pvt Ltd