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AIM Seed Funding

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SEED Fund under the AIM scheme

C-CAMP has been selected by NITI AAYOG as one of the Established Incubation Centers for scale-up support and seed funding for startups under the AIM scheme. Under this scheme, CCAMP, together with private investment partners, aims to facilitate a wider base of entrepreneurs scale-up their operations. This scheme is aimed at providing capital assistance to startups with novel, innovative and disruptive technologies in all sectors of life sciences, including healthcare, medtech, agriculture, bio-energy, industrial products and processes, and nutraceuticals.



  • Equity-based co-investment model where C-CAMP will invest 12.5 Lakhs in a company that can match the contribution from Private Investors.

Financial assistance for:

  • Performing proof-of concept stage studies
  • Prototype generation
  • Scaling-up innovations
  • Generating additional data or performing validation studies needed to secure next-level funding
  • In selected cases, where funds can help with gap funding/next-level funding.
  • Patent analysis, drafting and filing
  • Market research analysis and Professional consultancy
  • Enterprise building – Development of Market, Business Strategy, Business supply chain etc


  • Indian Start-ups (registered under Companies Act, 2013), having at least 51% shareholders as Indian Citizens [does not include OCI or PIO] as the mandatory requirement)
  • A company shall be considered as start-up

*  up to 5 years from the date of its incorporation/registration

*  If its turnover for any of the financial years has not exceeded Rs 25 cr, and

*  If it is working towards innovation development, deployment or commercialization of new products, processes or services driven by technology or intellectual property

Selection Criteria:

  • The start-up should be working towards innovative technology/technologies and should be product oriented (not services oriented)
  • The technology should be novel & there should be potential for generation of IP
  • The technology should fulfill an unmet need and have an impact
  • The start-ups should have a competent team in both technical & business aspects
  • The technology should have a sound commercialization strategy and road map to the market
  • The start-ups should have a clear understanding of the end-user/customer and market size
  • The start-up should have a sound business plan and company vision

Apply at by June 30th, 2021.

Contact Us

For any further information please contact funding at ccamp dot res dot in

Phone: 91-80-67185055

Centre for Cellular And Molecular Platforms
NCBS-TIFR, GKVK, Bellary Road Bangalore 560065, India


Start-ups funded under AIM SEED Scheme

Mocxa Health Pvt Ltd

MOCXA Health, a Bengaluru Based startup is developing the world's first completely automated Video-EEG system for accurate diagnosis of seizures named 360EVS. Using advanced robotics, video and image processing, modern sensors and mobile technologies, the product 360EVS makes seizure diagnosis more accurate, automated, affordable and accessible in any environment. These technological advances also have application in other areas of neurology and medicine. Raja Aditya Kadambi, one of the co-founder, holds a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida – Gainesville with a background in video technologies and medical imaging. Ankita Kumari, the other co-founder, holds a MBA degree from University of Michigan – Stephen M. Ross School of Business in the field of Corporate Strategy & Finance with specialities in International Business, Strategy & Planning.


Blackfrog Technologies Pvt Ltd

Blackfrog Tech has developed EMVÓLIO- a patented rapid cooling technology for safe last-mile transport of vaccines, breast-milk, blood-serums, medications & specimens with minimal freeze-thaw cycles. They are supported by the country's leading healthcare and impact investors, including Venture Centre (NCL, Pune), BIRAC, Social Alpha, CCAMP (NITI AAYOG).


Spot Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Spotsense is currently working towards creating simple affordable and accessible diagnostics especially in the field of pediatric medicine. Spittle, the first product by Spotsense is a diagnostic pacifier which has been developed as a platform for saliva-based screening of various neonatal health ailments. The first offering on this platform is a rapid diagnostic test for Neonatal Sepsis.


RCupe LifeSciences Pvt Ltd

RCupe Lifesciences Pvt Ltd is a Medical Device Company focused on innovative solutions in the field of critical care. The company has a interdisciplinary team which develops and markets novel devices for Indian and Global Markets. The product portfolio includes 1. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation device, a solution for patients with sudden cardiac arrest and 2. Ozyn-D Intraosseous device, a solution for difficult intravenous access. A manually-operated, fully disposable, ready-to-insert sterile intraosseous device to provide emergency vascular access.


Ubiqare Health Pvt Ltd.

Ubiqare Health Pvt Ltd is a 2 years old healthcare start-up, that pursues a vision of making healthcare ubiquitous, easily accessible, collaborative, and smart. Ubiqare Health continues to enable and deliver specialty follow-up care to patients at home with serious illnesses like cancer, stroke, respiratory disorders and other chronic ailments. Ubiqare staff, as also the staff from its partners, employ all precautions to avoid propagation of infection between the patient and the healthcare worker. During these times, it is all the more important to prevent almost all hospital visits, something that Ubiqare Health has distinguished itself in doing.


Genophe Biotech Pvt Ltd

GenoPhe is developing zebrafish platforms to screen and evaluate therapeutic potential of small molecules. Apart from this they provide services in Phenotypic screening of library of molecules and organ Toxicity Assessment.


Autoyos Pvt Ltd

Autoyos is a Bengaluru based medical device start-up revolutionizing eye care with Autonomous Medical Systems and AI to provide more efficient, accessible and affordable solutions to meet healthcare demands. iRobo is an autonomous and intelligent system which provides comprehensive eye care in non-clinical and resource-poor settings without requiring an operator. The solution will function as a closed loop dry eye care eco-system. To address Covid-19, they have developed TapāScan which is a multi-purpose AI based thermal screening device that uses cutting-edge machine learning technology to solve rampant issues in public health. It measures human body temperature from a distance up to 2 meters within an accuracy accepted by USFDA for thermal screening (+/- 0.5 deg C). TapaScan is integrated with smart face recognition system to enable the customers to monitor staff attendance and visitor entries. Other features of TapaScan include mask detection, audio and visual alert in case of elevated body temperature, customizable alert options in case of specific events etc.


Infection Shield Biotech Pvt Ltd

I-Shield is a Bengaluru based Biotech Start-up developing anti-viral & anti-infection products to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Their proprietary molecule “IS-212”, has demonstrated broad-spectrum bactericidal & virucidal activities, including COVID-19. They have developed tekFABRIK, India’s first facemask to kill 99.99% covid-19. I-Shield is the 1st company in India and 3rd company in the World to achieve this feat. IShield was the first company in India to test its treated fabric for its ability to destroy 99% of Covid-19 virus in under 15 minutes, in an independent study performed by RGCB, Trivandrum. Post successful commercialization of India’s first “Self-Sanitizing” face mask, I-Shield’s team expanded its technology portfolio to addresses “infection control” on surfaces, hands, fabrics and air viz., tekCLEAN, tekRUB, tekWASH. I-Shield is the first company in India to receive regulatory approval (under drug class as external application) to market.


Aikenist Technologies Pvt Ltd

Aikenist Technologies is a Bengaluru based start-up that provides AI based solutions for faster scanning, better detection and quick turnaround time to make medical imaging accessible to larger population. The solution enhances patient convenience and improves return on investment for hospitals and diagnostic centres. They have developed a cloud-hosted AI solution called AIkenist QuickDiag COVID 19, which is compatible with all kinds of digital X-ray and CT scanning machines. The chest X-ray and CT-scan images are pushed to the cloud service where lung anomaly is diagnosed to screen COVID-19 patients. They also offer an AI-based product called Quickscan for MRI scans, for four-times faster diagnosis. Their other product, Quickdiag, provides AI-analysis for tumour detection and segmentation of brain, liver, pancreas, etc.